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The rapid development of the Internet industry, the innovation of technology led to the design industry the rapid development, web design in Beijing from plain text Beijing page design to flash, evolved into the now popular HTML5 web site, whether it is from the design style to the site layout has a very big change. Beijing web design style according to different industries, different style, full screen web design Beijing, flattening the website style, single page website, minimalism style and so on. Today, Qingdao is the most web like the minimalist design style for personal Webpage Beijing.

一、北京网页设计适当留白【Beijing, a Webpage design appropriate blank】


Blank = luxury, enhance the brand quality. Blank, also known as negative space, it refers to the area does not necessarily would be white, it just page layout central around the blank space of each element. The blank can improve search and experience a sense of fluency, contrast enhancement, make the site more vivid colors.


Blank space is reflected in a variety of forms, such as pictures, gap, margins, column space between or even a line of text. Although it seems to be "empty", there is no any other design elements. Google and Baidu two major search engines, the interpretation of the blank is simple and effective, this simple example suits again.

二、扁平化北京网页设计【Two, flat Beijing Web Design】

  扁平化的北京网页设计是使用一些比较简单的纯色块,从而打造出一种看上去更“平”的界面,更加简单直接的将信息和事物展示出来,减少认知障碍的产生。微软的windows phone 和windows 8系列操作系统就是使用扁平化设计风格的典型。

Flat web design Beijing is use some relatively simple blocks of solid color, so as to create a looks more "flat" interface, more simple and direct will display information and things out and reduce cognitive impairment. Microsoft phone windows and windows 8 series of operating systems is the use of flat design style typical.

三、简化导航栏【Three, simplify navigation bar】


The navigation menu at the interface provides navigation options for the user to browse the content. Navigation bar can strengthen the site of vision, can be integrated into the site background, in a quiet and no interference gesture presented.

四、合理利用小色块【Four, the rational use of small patches】


In Beijing Webpage design can reasonable use of small chunks makes it easier for the user to pay attention to the important part of the page.