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Compared with the mobile web site construction optimization, it has the same points and different points of the PC terminal station website construction optimization. In the process of optimization, it should pay more attention to the content planning strategy. So, what should pay attention to the content of mobile web site construction planning should pay attention to?


One, navigation module


Mobile website building the necessary navigation module and navigation must be clear concise elaboration the category content. At the same time, we must emphasize is: use ZhengZhan navigation buttons and a search module, also pay attention to the size of the buttons and the recommendation for a click of his fingers, not less than 32x32px.


Two, hierarchical structure is clear


Mobile web site construction also must pay attention to the layout of the layout, in particular, to pay attention to the hierarchical structure of the mobile site, it is recommended to control in the 2-4 layer, more strongly recommended that the 2-3 layer structure, is often the home page + details page, the home page + details page.

三、 字号字体

Three, font size


Font and font size directly affects the user browsing behavior, in the font and font size must focus on, under normal circumstances: respected font is Microsoft YaHei or Arial, secondly, the use of less fit. In addition to the font color must have a clear contrast with the background, while the font size must be easy to read, do the adaptive rules of the device. Recommended: home 14px-18px, the details of the use of 14px-16px.


Four, page length width


Mobile web site construction is very important page length, must be well adapted to work, well equipped with a variety of mobile device screen, center alignment. Page length width is moderate, and without the need for horizontal scrolling, no need to zoom in view of the content will be clearly visible. Test environment: 480*800 and 640*960 pixel display.


Five, browser support


Mobile web site construction focus on the need to consider the mobile device browser support, the current mainstream browser is: UC browser, Baidu browser, QQ browser, Safari browser, etc., it must be targeted testing, and have problems in time to deal with.


Six, layout highlights


Layout or layout of the contents of the process must be focused, especially the front page to assume the classification navigation and important information tips, the main module should contain the Banner focus, classification navigation, transforming tool module, etc.. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to transformation module tools now, such as: online consulting, advisory telephone and online message module should by suspension model to show to the mobile site ZhengZhan construction at the bottom of the, convenient user can timely communication with the enterprise, to obtain more consultation.

七、 正文内容策略

Seven, the text content strategy


Text content strategy must consider the user's browsing behavior and habits, which is different from the construction of the PC website, mobile website construction content to control the number of users browse the drop-down screen, the proposed 1-3 screen. Of course, in order to highlight important information, the body is more diverse, and taking into account the fact that there are plans to use the tangent screen model.


If the enterprise needs to build a mobile website, the above share, very worthy of reference.