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Best and you want to promote the purpose of the content is very relevant, that is, as far as possible in the content of the organic plus some of our promotion Keywords, such as: website construction company, Beijing website design, Beijing website production company, etc..

If you have the ability to write, if you feel yourself writing too difficult to find some articles from the Internet, and then to the content of the article for the purpose of modifying, or add our target keywords to find the article inside.

In the end, the article will be written or processed by using Baidu translation and other online translation tools to translate the article into English, the Chinese and English links to the published their own website, such a post Seo process is completed.

Every day is not too much, one can insist! Every day, there's a good one!!

I wrote these you remember and executed, then you have to do the work on the very good, plus the net here and then try to help you add the site's external links, then the site should have a good search engine ranking results.

Baidu optimization don't hurry, we must persevere in the!